Tau Seven Solutions offers a wide range of services intended to help individuals, business, and software development teams meet their product, environment, and quality goals.

Our staff expertise includes computer repair and maintenance, web site design and implementation, software engineering process design, implementation, improvement and maintenance, and software project management.

In addition, we are able to utilize a wide variety of consultants in many engineering, technical and scientific fields, enabling us to meet the needs of almost any client.

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Software Process Improvement & Implementation

Software process, or the set of steps you follow to produce your software product, is the key to "working smarter, not harder" in the software industry. A well-designed software process allows a team of software developers to not only produce software in a consistent, high-quality manner, but also to identify areas of potential risk and mitigate negative impacts to software quality, schedule, cost and functionality.

Tau Seven Solutions focuses on determining what software process improvements will yield the most tangible results for the least investment of resources in implementation, and then integrating the SPI work into the software project development schedule. In our view, SPI is an ongoing activity, part and parcel of the ongoing software development lifecycle.

Computer Maintenance and Repair

Tau Seven Solutions offers a wide range of computer maintenance and repair services, ranging from hardware installation and troubleshooting to software needs analysis, data recovery, and ongoing general system maintenance. We also specialize in virus, spyware, and other malware removal and prevention.

Project Management

Successful software project management revolves primarily around effective utilization of available resources. While meticulous risk mitigation and thorough planning of bug fix and feature implementation requests are key, it is also necessary allow for flexibilty in task implementation to accomodate the overall project's execution criteria.

Tau Seven Solution's primary project management philosophy is centered upon decomposing the project into small, manageable, concurrent iterative cycles.

Web Solutions

Tau Seven Solutions specializes in low-cost, clean, crisp, visually attractive websites and web solutions for all kinds of internet presences, from personal websites to discussion forums to non-profit and small business commerce sites.

We focus upon presenting content in a relevant, useable manner with a minimum amount of visual distraction. While abundant use of Flash animations, Javascript, images, etc., can be attention-getting, we are of the opinion that they should be used sparingly, to enhance the presentation of information -- not extensively, to distract attention from the fact that there's not much information.

By making use of our own solutions as well as leveraging other existing technologies, we are able to create robust, flexible, secure and reliable websites in a timely manner.

Once we've developed the website, it's yours. We'll provide electronic and archival copies, but you retain the content copyright, you retain ownership of the website and internet domain; you even retain the right to change it as you see fit. We negotiate website development and maintenance separately; doing this allows us to charge less than most of our competitors.

About Us

Andrew B. Peed

Founder / President

Mr. Peed has more than twenty years of experience in software support, development, and quality systems as a software engineer, project manager, software process improvement specialist, system administrator and web designer.

His expertise encompasses all parts of the software development life cycle from concept exploration to product retirement, and extends into many support aspects of the industry as well, including project sizing, vendor management, risk mitigation, and development environment design and engineering.

Mary Cruickshank Peed

Principal Consultant

Mary Cruickshank Peed has more than thirty years of experience in computers, everything from removing viruses from Windows laptops to UNIX system administration to designing and managing multi-million dollar data centers and support staff. With 30 years experience, she's done it all.

Mary is best known for being able to translate computerese to non-technical people, and then to take their input and, with her technical team, come up with a viable, useful, on-target solution with a limited budget.